About InvoiceNinja

InvoiceNinja is a free, open source product that receives regular updates and is continuously developed by a large community.

Why InvoiceNinja?

InvoiceNinja is available as a free product and remains free to use, as long as their brand remains visible.  There is the option to remove (white label) their branding from actual client invoices, but this requires an annually payable fee and that’s all there is to it.

At Soft Serve, we take the hassle out of managing the self-hosting of InvoiceNinja, assisting with branding of invoices and quotes, and providing training for users to get into using it with ease and confidence.  We enable our clients to enjoy maximum control by offering cloud-hosting facilities to run InvoiceNinja on, and we maintain and upgrade these installations at a fixed monthly fee.

What makes InvoiceNinja so special?

InvoiceNinja offers so much that picking what to discuss and what to omit is painful.  What it does exceptionally well, is invoicing. Invoicing and all that goes with it; client management, vendor management, costs associated with a client, etc.  Invoices are sent out via email, and clients can receive it as a web portal link, and an actual PDF copy can accompany the email, depending on your requirements.  The system can be integrated with Payfast, which automatically updates an invoice upon payment receipt from a client.  Quotes, when accepted by a client in the portal, can be automatically converted to an invoice, which the client can then immediately pay through payfast, the account is then updated and a notice of receipt of payment is sent out automatically.  InvoiceNinja offers reporting, automated recurring invoicing, and so much more.  Best of all is that everything lives in the cloud, so no local backups are required, offering clients of Soft Serve peace of mind.

Invoicing has never been so hassle free.

For more information, feel free to read up on InvoiceNinja, or contact us on enquiries@soft-serve.co.za