About Us

Soft Serve launched in May 2018 in the sleepy boland town of Wellington, and our aim is simple; to serve our community through providing software and cloud services at an affordable price.  Our product offering is currently limited to hosting of an invoicing solution named InvoiceNinja.

My name is Louis Parkin, I founded Soft Serve with my wife, Juanita, as a means to provide a service, and derive an income from it, in the most compliant way possible.  I saw a need in my community where small business owners were handing out invoices created in Microsoft Excel, and my mind was shattered.  The sheer manual input it must require to manage a system like that, folders upon folders full of Excel spreadsheet files, labelled by client, or date, or due date, or <splat>. I stopped imagining, because the struggle is real.  To understand why this is the case, one needs to look at the competing product offerings out there, and what they cost, to understand why a small business would rather invest their time in a manual process like Excel files for something that could be managed so much easier and better.

InvoiceNinja is a step in the right direction, and we hope to one day boast a portfolio of success stories that we created, one small business, one small improvement at a time.